Complete Yescalate Online Video Course - Self-Paced Ongoing Education.


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Who is the most essential person you need to get to yes with right now? Throughout your organization, it’s imperative that people at every level know how to GET TO YES FASTER®. At its core, YESCALATE® is not about sales (it is about the situations we all face every day where we need a YES)—although it will absolutely help you sell more. Dean Minuto can bring you and your organization into the realm of the extraordinary with his online course and YESCALATE® system. 17 self-paced modules each with it's own Video, Action Summary, Review Test and Application Assignment, for developing persuasion and influence skills, team building and ongoing education with nearly 7 hours of training content (222 minutes of video alone).  Includes the Basic YESCALATE® course (Dean’s award-winning Vistage Talk) plus additional exercises from Dean’s acclaimed full day workshops.


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