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Who is the most essential person you need to get to yes with right now? Throughout your organization, it’s imperative that people at every level know how to GET TO YES FASTER®. At its core, YESCALATE® is not about sales (it is about the situations we all face every day where we need a YES)—although it will absolutely help you sell more. Dean Minuto can bring you and your organization into the realm of the extraordinary with his online course and YESCALATE® system. 17 self-paced modules each with it's own Video, Action Summary, Review Test and Application Assignment, for developing persuasion and influence skills, team building and ongoing education with nearly 7 hours of training content (222 minutes of video alone).  Includes the Basic YESCALATE® course (Dean’s award-winning Vistage Talk) plus additional exercises from Dean’s acclaimed full day workshops.

Brain Science / Behavioral Psychology / Sales and Influence Best Practices




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THE TRUST MODULE is 1 of 17 separate Modules (see list below) and is provided here for your personal viewing as a sample of the Video elements of the Course.

Experience Dean Minuto’s Award-Winning Strategies Through Video

VISTAGE INTERNATIONAL is one of the largest and most respected CEO Membership Organizations in the world with more than 20,000 Members.  And it’s no wonder that more than 550 Vistage-related Groups have chosen Dean to speak to their Members—because Dean delivers. What does deliver mean? It means averaging above a 4.9 out of 5.0 Rating for the last 8 years, and being named Vistage Speaker of the Year in June of 2015.

In the Vistage press release recognizing Dean as the 2015 Speaker of the Year, Vistage referred to an award given to the “MVP” of the speaker community. The Speaker of the Year Award recognizes one speaker from the Vistage speaker community with a high volume of well-scored and highly engaging presentations. Qualified Speakers must have presented a minimum of 200 Vistage presentations overall – with a minimum of 50 presentations within the designated year – and have received a cumulative scoring of 4.7 or higher for both content and delivery.

Dean presented 112 times in 2014, the most of any Vistage Speaker, and was praised by members for his YESCALATE® program. Minuto’s program received the highest average scores from members, including a 4.9 across the board in content, delivery and applicability

Who do you need to get to yes with? If you want to persuade and influence anyone, there’s no doubt that Dean will show you how. But whether you’re a busy sales professional, top level CEO, fully booked lawyer, or tireless project manager working nights and weekends, it can be tough to find time to further your professional training. That’s why Dean Minuto also offers his YESCALATE® system through this online course.

Why Everyone Needs to GET TO YES FASTER®

Unfortunately, sales is sometimes associated with manipulation and mistrust. In reality, though, the truth is very different: when done right, selling actually encompasses our most virtuous qualities as humans. The fact is that most communication involves influencing and persuading other people to one extent or another — whether it’s self-promotion, sales promotions, PR, negotiating, or navigating interpersonal relationships. Not to mention roles in business like accounting, finance, HR, management, customer service, project management, and administration. Think of it this way . . . even though only one out of every nine Americans holds a position in sales, the other eight still spend their days trying to influence someone or other. Let’s face it: if you are dealing with people, you need to get to yes!

At its core, YESCALATE® is not about sales — although it will absolutely help you sell more. Spreading the word about something you feel is valuable to other people is an incredibly worthwhile service. As challenging as it is rewarding, sales requires a genuine understanding of behavioral psychology and experience. When practiced from this place of wisdom, it offers an invigorating journey centered on helping others and forming sincere relationships.

YESCALATE®: Tools For Change and Online Learning System

Dean’s YESCALATE® system teaches anyone how to influence people through compassionate understanding fuelled by a knowledge of behavioral psychology and science. Ask any professional in the upper echelons of the business world: your ability to persuade others is, and will forever remain, the marker that determines the level of your success and your overall capacity to create change.

The course is provided on a digital chalkboard, an easy to use online delivery system that you can view on any computer or a mobile device.  It is self paced-- so that you can choose how much you want to learn or review on any given day. And during your 90 day use of the Course you can review a Module or start learning the next Module from anywhere--  on your phone while you're between meetings-- or on an iPad while you're thinking through a big presentation.  The course keeps track of where you are in your learning journey and when you are ready to start again you can pick up right where you left off. 

Special Ingredients Behind Dean’s Transformative Videos

Immersing yourself in Dean’s content-packed digital chalkboard is one of the fastest ways to permanently shift the trajectory of your professional life and your relationships with people. What do you get with the YESCALATE® video series?
■ 7 hours of Course study, research-based video content divided into easily digestible segments offers simple, actionable takeaways that will change the way you relate to people. Ranging between 7 and 22 minutes apiece, there are currently 17 modules in the course.
■ This dynamic series includes modules on Brain Science, Behavioral Psychology, and Sales and Marketing Best Practices and is applicable to anyone who needs to influence others. And because it is online it is available anyplace and anytime-- and to anyone on your Team (for 1 person or 10,000 with special pricing avaiable for large groups).
■ Dean’s unique, engaging narrative style is showcased within the videos, providing you with guidance every step of the way in conjunction with priceless on-screen support.
■ Regardless of your profession or personality, Dean’s videos help you to embrace the art of persuasion. Packed with dynamic content, they teach invaluable skills essential for success.



Are you ready to go beyond your current success and connect authentically with colleagues and clients alike? Make a difference in the world through personal courage, leadership know-how, and the power of behavioral psychology. Order the inimitable YESCALATE® course  today and experience the transformative power of persuasion.

But there are more than just Video elements in this course.  Because you know that you cannot spray training on and think it will stick. “Repetition is the mother of all learning…. “(Saint Thomas Aquinas)
… the point is you need to take your time and let yourself process the content so that you can apply it and get results.

Because Results Matter: You Get 4 More Things

  1. Printable Action Summary for your Written Notes
  2. Video Course Modules—Dean delivering the content (17 Modules, 7 – 22 minutes each) which you can review multiple times yourself during your Course of Study
  3. A Review Test—for a summary of the key points.
  4. And an Application Assignment—after your completion of each Module you will be emailed with your Commitments and a reminder of your Next Steps.

And at the completion of your full Course of Study you receive a Certificate of YESCALATE® Course Completion.

In total this course is made up of 65 individual learning elements.  Sitting down and viewing this course in one sitting is not recommended.

CALCULATE YOUR IMPROVEMENT like this: “If you improve 1% per day then in 70 days you are twice as good as when you started.”  And here is our commitment to you: “If you invest 1 hour per day in this course then in 7 days you will be getting to yes faster and more often.” (And yes, an hour a week would mean 7 weeks.)

So the question for you is: How soon would you like to GET TO YES FASTER® with the people you need a yes from? To assist you Dean has laid out a suggested Course Study Schedule.


  • DAY 1: Complete the INTRO Module (22 min video + Application Time) and the ALPHA Module (15 min video + Application Time)
  • DAY 2: Complete the DELTA Module (10 min video + Application Time), the VIDEO Module (9 min video + Application Time) and the One Page Sales Coach® Module (19 min video + Application Time)
  • DAY 3: Complete the MOTION Module (10 min video + Application Time) and the combo YESCALATE® PROCESS and ASK Module (25 min video plus a LOT of APPLICATION)
  • DAY 4: Complete the GIVE Module (10 min video + Application Time) and the NICE Module (20 min video + Application Time)
  • DAY 5: Complete the EVIDENCE Module (7 min video + Application Time), the TRUST Module (17 minute video plus Application Time) and the SUPPLY Module (10 min video + Application Time)
  • DAY 6: Complete the ATTENTION CURVE Module (12 min video + Application Time) the WHEEL ALIGNMENT™ Module (16 min video + Application Time) and the CARD TRICK Module (8 min video + Application Time)

The Complete YESCALATE® Course contains

An Intro Module which lays out the goals for the course and sets context: You are in situations every day where you need to get to yes.  3 Modules summarizing brain science to help you understand how the brain processes information: ALPHA • Everyone focuses on THEMSELVES FIRST; DELTA • Danger Triggers Decisions; VIDEO • Information gets to the brain 30X Faster through the eyes than the ears.  7 Modules summarizing behavioral psychology and the triggers to decision making which make up the seven M-A-G-N-E-T-S™ Strategies: MOTION • A thing In motion STAYS in Motion; ASK • Questions Control and Frame; GIVE • Why people feel obligated to do things for you when you employ three components; NICE • The three shortcuts you can follow so that people will like you; EVIDENCE • Why people often don't choose the "best" of two options; TRUST • Three scientifically proven triggers that everone uses to decide if they can trust you; SUPPLY • This strategy is likely the most powerful in behavioral psychology and is also the one very few of us are comfortable using, and how you can use it ethically; plus a review module illustrating the two most important moments in any human interaction Attention Curve; and a module that will teach you a complete consultative sales model The One Page Sales Coach® (the result of 25 years of sales coaching and more than 9,000 executives coached by Dean Minuto) which you will learn how to use before any big situation, in less than 10 minutes on the back of a bar napkin; there is a summary module on 5 Best Practices to GET TO YES FASTER® called the Card Trick; and a goal setting and action step module for both personal and professional improvemen that attendees at Dean's Full Day Workshops have told him has changed their life for the better, that module is called Wheel Alignment™ and is included to help you optimize your performance in the months ahead

There is a manager’s summary course on coaching, including an overview of the YESCALATE® 3 Step Process to identify, validate and calibrate best practices in your organization or for yourself personally.

The Course is offered for $995 for a single user with 90 days to complete the Course, please ask Dean for special pricing for multiple users or large groups.